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Plastic Surgery

Everything You Need To Know About Plastic Surgery

Opting for plastic surgery is an extremely important decision and one that should be taken with caution. Be it motivated by a desire or a need. Therefore, before any procedure, try to get as much information as possible about the surgery and its process. You need to know everything about the desired plastic surgery.

Often, because these are small procedures, people tend to think that they are easy surgeries and that they are not at risk. However, if they are not carried out by an expert professional and in the right conditions and location, it can pose a great risk.

With that in mind, we have put together in this text several tips for those who want to have plastic surgery safely, from the choice of the surgeon to the post-operative period.

The Decision 

First of all, try to find out more about the surgical procedure you want to perform. Search reliable sources about a patient’s rights and duties. 

Answering some questions during this process can be important to know if you are able to perform the procedure. Review your answers to the following questions: 

  • Does the motivation to perform the procedure come from me or the opinion of others?
  • Are my expectations regarding the result realistic?
  • Is my mental and physical health good? Eating well and abstaining from addictions such as cigarettes and drinks?
  • Am I prepared to take actions that will change my lifestyle?
  • Have I dedicated enough time to inform myself about the desired procedure?
  • Am I well informed of the post-operative effects and the recovery period?
  • Do I have a person who can assist me in the immediate 24 hours after surgery?
  • Am I committed enough to do my part and help ensure the safety and success of the procedure?


Now that you’ve answered some questions and know your true motivation, it’s time to research the possible places to perform your long-awaited plastic surgery.

It is worth remembering that the choice of location is the same or as important as the choice of the plastic surgeon. Therefore, it must also be done carefully, analyzing whether the place respects the criteria established by the competent health agencies.

Location And Infrastructure

Therefore, look for information about the clinic’s reputation in the market and check the registration and operating documentation as well as basic information about the professionals who are part of the medical team.

Search for information about the clinic’s infrastructure: quality of the main equipment and whether they have the necessary devices to guarantee life support, if necessary. Do this before you even schedule your evaluation consultation. 

Surgeon’s Choice

Among the most important choices, you will make during the process will be that of the surgeon. To obtain a good result in your plastic surgery, you need not only a good professional but also experience in the desired procedure.

Try to get some information about the surgeon. For example: check the doctor’s situation at the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) and also see if he is an active member of the Society of Plastic Surgery. These credentials are extremely important for the legal exercise of the profession.

  • Completed training in surgery of at least five years, three of them in plastic surgery.
  • It is subject to a strict code of ethics.
  • It only operates in accredited medical facilities.

Finally, an experienced professional is recognized for his attitude and medical ethics. It is transparent about the risks, duties and rights of the patient. It should explain things like the degree of complexity of the surgery, anaesthetics that will be used and the restrictions required for the good evolution of the procedure.